Grief and Loss

2294364215Healing Hearts – providing support for grief and loss.

Whether you are experiencing the loss of a relationship, a beloved pet, a cherished person, a job, or even a dream, grief is a natural part of the human experience and one of the most profoundly painful feelings we can encounter.

Grief has the power to momentarily paralyze us, steal our breath, and even manifest as physical pain in our bodies.

I understand the profound impact of these moments and provide compassionate support during times of bereavement.

I aim to guide you through the intricate process of grieving, helping you to navigate your emotions, find meaning amidst the pain, and ultimately cultivate a new sense of hope and purpose.

Alex* journeyed through grief.

Alex’s parent passed away suddenly and unexpectedly, and he felt like his world had turned upside down.

The grief was like a heavy weight pressing down on his chest, making it hard to breathe.

At first, Alex tried to push through his grief, telling himself that he needed to be strong for his family. But as the days turned into weeks and then months, he realized that the pain wasn’t going away. It was like a shadow that followed him everywhere he went.

Feeling lost and overwhelmed, Alex decided to seek help.

2432019861Therapy made Alex’s journey less burdensome.

Alex and I explored his beliefs, values, and memories associated with his parent. We reprocessed the traumatic aspects of the loss, which helped Alex have less emotional charge when he recalled the day of their parent’s death.

As Alex delved deeper into his grief, he realized that it wasn’t just the sadness he was feeling. There was also anger, guilt, and even relief mixed in with the pain.

With some support, Alex learned to welcome these emotions without judgment, allowing them to flow through him like waves crashing against the shore. He was also able to neutralize negative beliefs that contributed to feelings of guilt due to regrets he had in the relationship with his parent.

Through our work, Alex learned that grief wasn’t something to be feared or avoided. It was a natural human experience that could be embraced and honored. As Alex continued his journey, he found peace and acceptance he never thought possible.

Today, Alex misses his parent dearly, but he knows they will always be with him. And thanks to therapy, he has found a way to carryhis parent’s memory in his heart with grace and gratitude.

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*Alex represents a combination of clients who sought help with their grief.