Relationship Issues

2388811437Break free – liberate yourself from unhealthy relationships.

You feel trapped in a cycle of unhealthy relationships.

Constantly prioritizing others’ needs over your own, you navigate difficult people and situations with fear and uncertainty.

It’s understandable to feel overwhelmed! I’m here to help you break free from these patterns and reclaim your sense of self-worth and agency.

Find freedom in relationships.

Meet Toni*, who, despite her confidence and success, was stuck in a tumultuous relationship. She had become fearful and doubted herself constantly in this relationship. After reaching her lowest point, Toni sought help and chose a healing path. Through therapy with me, she confronted her present reality and past traumas, ultimately reclaiming her power.

Using a combination of EMDR, Parts Work, and Somatic Therapy, we dove into Toni’s psyche, unraveling the roots of her people-pleasing patterns and the toxic dynamics of her past relationships. EMDR helped her process deep-rooted wounds, while Parts Work allowed her to embrace her inner self with compassion and curiosity. Somatic therapy bridged the gap between mind and body, enabling Toni to release stored tension and trauma.

Toni struggled to decide if she should stay or go in certain relationships. Making these choices was extremely difficult and painful, but she was able to find clarity and peace with her decisions.

As Toni continued her therapeutic journey, she no longer defined herself by external validation and learned to set healthy boundaries. With each session, Toni reclaimed her voice and stepped into her power. Ultimately, she chose a path of self-love and authenticity, allowing her to attract the relationships she truly wanted.

378999631It’s time to put yourself first!

It’s time to prioritize your well-being and manifest your dream relationships.

Please schedule a consultation today to explore how my therapy services can support your path toward finding reciprocal, loving, and supportive relationships.

Together, we’ll break free from the cycle of unhealthy patterns and learn to lead a life unencumbered by the weight of carrying other people.

*Toni represents a combination of clients who sought help with relationship issues.